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November 15, 2009

What Masked Pup charecter are you?

My Result: Ms.Cupcakes
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You’re most similar to Ms.Cupcakes. You’re tired of being bossed around and want to show your true talent. Here’s a tip: Let up on the Pug clones and quit.
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Chapter 1 Discussion

November 15, 2009

Hey there! Let’s discuss action-packed chapter 1.

”This is so romantic,” Edlina gazed around until her eye’s met Sparky’s.

”Is too.” Sparky agreed. ”Would you like some more kibble?”

Edlina giggled. ”No thanks, I’m trying to watch my figure.”

Sparky shook his head. He took the wine bottle in his teeth and poured Edlina a glass of Miracula De Dogga. ”Why so?” He asked. ”You’re as beautiful as ever to me.”

She smiled a not-completely-happy smile. ”I-”

”Look!” Sparky pointed to the moon. ”A harvest moon.”

”It’s been forever since I’ve seen one of those…” Edlina peered up in wonder. ”And the last time it came out…”

”Uh, oh, uh…” Sparky smiled nervously. ”You know what that means?”

”Time for ‘The Masked Pup’ to save Pupville.” Edlina grinned.

”Yep.” Sparky slipped on his blue mask. ”I’ll be back.”

”Good luck, Sparky.” Edlina kissed her masked lover on his nose, and Sparky flew out of the alley in the blink of an eye, his cape fluttering in the wind.

Sparky followed the harvest moon to a large structure, which in the dark was unrecognizable. On the floor of the rooftop, he found a large spotlight pointing to the harvest moon, but there were no citizens. ”Hello?” Called Sparky. ”Who needed my help?”

All of a sudden, Sparky heard whimpering. It was coming from inside the building. He slowly opened the rooftop exit and proceeded down the exit. Next, he was inside a pitch black hallway. A small light shown around another staircase, but the whimpering was probably coming from this hall.

A bright flashlight nearly blinded Sparky. But it was only Mike Michaels, the town’s reporter. ”What are you doing here?” Sparky, or known to Mike as ”The Masked Pup”, covered his eyes.

Mike clicked off the flashlight. ”There’s a robbery downstairs!”

”Shh!” The Masked Pup ordered. ”Explain what happened.”

”Ok. I came to do an interview with Mr. Bones, the head banker. And then BAM, men broke in, and took the staff and patrons hostage. So I ran up here and-”

”Men?” What did they look like?” The Masked Pup asked.

”They were about medium in height; white, black and brown fur; muscular; high energy levels; BIG teeth.” Mike shuddered when he said ”big teeth.”

Sparky scratched his chin. ”They sound like Bull Terriers. I’m sure that I can take them.”

”Oh good.” Mike clapped his paws quietly. ”Just don’t hurt any innocent ones. Please.”

With one last glance at the anchorman, The Masked Pup quietly flew down the light staircase. It was white marble. Below him, several frightened bankers and civilians were crouching on the floor, hiding, or standing against walls. About five Bull Terriers were watching over the hostages, the others had some bankers opening a big safe.

Sparky stuck close to the wall as he shimmied his way near the hostages. When he got close to one of the hostages, he asked, ”what’s your name?”

”Help me!” The pup answered.

”Nice name.” Sparky replied. ”But I need to know what the Bull Terriers are planning to do.”

Before the terrified pup could respond, a hoarse voice called, ”hey! No talking!”

Sparky turned. ”Sorry, bub, but this is my classroom.”

He leaped toward the Bull Terrier, who was too slow to react. The Masked Pup tossed the villain toward a marble column. The criminal was knocked out on impact. The crowd of hostages cheered.

The Masked Pup looked around. ”Where are you cowards?”

The hostages let out a shriek of fright when a Bull Terrier clobbered Sparky from behind.

Sparky swatted at the Bull Terrier, who had pinned him on the ground. Relentlessly, the criminal attempted to tear Sparky to shreds with his razor-sharp claws. Finally, when the dagger- like claws were inches from The Masked Pup’s neck, he managed to toss the Bull Terrier off of him, and into another accomplice.

But the crowd wasn’t cheering this time. Sparky was surrounded by the anti-heros. He caught a glimpse of some accomplices escaping with bags of cash. He needed to catch them.

The feeling it left me with: Suspence! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

My thoughts: I like Edlina’s acceptance of Sparky’s alternate idenitity. She would be a nice human friend.

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