Created on August 6th, the Masked Pup story has sparked three sequels (two are incomplete). This story is about Sparky, a normal pup living in Pupvile. But when trouble starts, Sparky is on the scene as his alternate super-hero identity, The Masked Pup. No one except knows who the Masked Pup is, except his girlfriend Edlina, best friend Tucker and Tucker’s wife, Bridget.

You can enjoy and follow this story alone by reading and participating in quizzes, polls, games and discussions. Thanks for visiting, and please spread Sparky’s word.


2 Responses to About

  1. *Raz0r* says:

    yay, a story with my name in it! 😀
    sounds really cool. I’ll read it soon. 😉

  2. gir: come on pig lets go to my room ^.^
    nice site ^_^

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