Yep, that was Pupville over 85 years ago. Back then, it was peaceful. Until an angry citizen turned against them and transformed into an evil super-villain. Many followed this dog’s example. In the 60’s, a group of peace activists began to protest. They were tired of these villains and wanted protection! Then, in 1975, an un-canine puppy was born named Sparky Wiggins. Sparky had brute strength and incredible fighting skills.

His parents put him in a karate center, where he beat all opponents. The military learned about Sparky Wiggins powers and wanted to use them. But his parents refused, they did not want to exploit him at such a young age. However, he worked harder, and soon had been able to fly. After several years, Sparky decided to use his powers to help his city.

One day, Sparky was sent to rescue some pups in the Carver Building, which was on fire. One of the pups trapped inside was Edlina Lapson. She was pretty and sweet, and Sparky soon developed a crush on her. The two started dating.

That’s as much as I can tell you!


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